Bubble Bath Day

January 8, 2013

Feliz Bubble Bath Day!

I was going to celebrate Argyle Day today but realized after a frantic search of my closet that I donated my Argyle shirt after a much needed and very honest spring cleaning with two friends who have far better taste in clothing and style than me (and who aren’t afraid to tell me when I am wearing something dreadful). I would like to say that I had a wonderful and relaxing bubble bath out of the movies with candles and rose petals and soft music…mine was less romantical. It’s been cold here and one of the problems with having a enamel coated tub from the 50’s is that it absorbs the cold and never lets it go. I thought I would use the bath to warm up my toesies. However, after filling the tub with hot water and plopping in ever so gracefully,I found out quickly that butt cheeks and cold enamel tub are not a well suited pair. I tried to enjoy it and embrace the experience but I ended up taking a really hot shower to warm up the buns and watching an episode of Breaking Bad as a consolation prize.

Clearly no photographic evidence of my celebration of this day.


3 thoughts on “Bubble Bath Day

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