Fruitcake Toss Day!

January 12, 2013

Merry Fruitcake Toss Day!

This holiday has everything a good holiday should have…. mysterious beginnings, controversy, and a little cake (although in this case not usually good cake-like work parties almost). Some sites state that the 3rd of January is the official Fruitcake Toss Day. It may be. However, I am celebrating it today.

Apparently it began in the mid-90’s as a symbolic gesture of cleaning out the old and getting prepared for the new year. However, the “Fruitcake People” say that the appropriate thing to do with a fruitcake instead of throwing it away is saving and it giving it to someone who don’t really like the following Christmas. I have to say that this tradition of giving year old fruitcake probably has given fruitcake the bad rap that it has as a dry, tasteless, and useless unless drown in rum (also like work parties come to think of it).

I actually didn’t do any of that research until after I threw my “fruitcake” so I didn’t celebrate by saving stuff I don’t like for a year to give to people I don’t really like and I definitely didn’t celebrate by cleaning out anything. So that brings me to the “fruitcake” that I tossed. I didn’t have any fruitcake so I thought that’s ok, I know what a compound word is…I’ll just toss fruit and cake. However, I also didn’t have any cake…so I decided that break was the closest grain that I had was bread (it was between that or tortillas…in retrospect tortillas might have flown a little better). I also picked a tangerine from the tree and threw that too to cover myself with the fruit bit. I took my fruit and my sack of bread and did the backward over the head wedding bouquet type toss in the driveway.

The "cake" part of the fruitcake. The "fruit" part rolled down the hill.

The “cake” part of the fruitcake. The “fruit” part rolled down the hill.



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