Penguin Appreciation Day

January 20, 2013

Happy National Penguin Appreciation Days!


Baby Penguin from

If there is a shortage of cute in your life take a little wander over to ZooBorns and check your favorite animals. I stopped by otters and hedgehogs on my way to penguins.

If you don’t love baby animals then stop reading now and go punch your face until you lose consciousness because your life isn’t worth living anymore….or at least go to and enjoy some cynicism away from the rest of civilized society.

I celebrated Penguin Appreciation Day by looking at pictures of baby penguins, watching an episode of Madagascar Penguins, and then watching a YouTube video of penguin escaping a orca feeding by jumping in a boat. Then to even out my appreciation for the wonderful and the creepy I watched this video on Youtube (and about a thousand others but this isn’t a documentary of how lame my Sunday afternoon was). My appreciation for penguins has definitely increased today! Mission accomplished!


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