Handwriting Analysis Week!

January 24, 2013

Happy Handwriting Analysis Week!

I am going to analyze my handwriting based on a informational chart that I found at the boyfriend’s house but there is also a good resource at Real Simple. I tried not to do my very best handwriting so there would be something to analyze. I don’t really buy that much into this process.

Here goes nothing.

Word Slant: In print I have a slight backhand slant that shows an introvert. I apparently have a reserved manner that is mistaken for snobbishness. My head wants to rule. I am hesitant to open up. However in cursive I have very little slant so that means that I have a balance between mind and emotions. I don’t rush into relationships. I evaluate carefully and show love through loyalty and devotion.

Word Spacing: I have continuous strokes with no spaces between the letters, which means I am careful and logical. I disagree with this; in fact I am rarely either of those things.

Appearance and Size: My print is very legible which means that I am efficient, meticulous thinker, a worker who likes details. However I use heavy pressure, which means that I show aggression. My words also taper towards the end so I have a tendency towards secretiveness. My cursive is less legible so it shows that I show individualism and am alert.

Base Line: My writing stayed on the baseline, which means that my moods and feelings are kept in check.

Small Letters: My ending strokes follow to the right, which means that I am an extrovert. Apparently my ending strokes have not been communicating clearly with my word slant. My letters in cursive and print are fairly rounded which means that I am cooperative, follow the rules, and have harmonious relationships with others.

Open/Closed Letters: My letters are closed which means that I am less likely to disclose more than necessary. To those of you who eat lunch with me I could almost hear you snort in mirth…since I tend to be a chronic oversharer.

I’s and T’s: I have a wide variety in the dots that go above my i’s. Which means that I dislike detail, lack concentration, unable to relax, impatient or versatile. I am sure I am all of these things at some point in my day.

Starting and Ending Strokes: I vary between a lead-in stroke and no stoke which means that sometimes I am cautious and plan ahead and sometimes I get right ot the core of an idea, start quickly, and act risky.

Capital Letters: My capitals are large in my signature so that means that I am attention seeking, gregarious, and want to be a leader or be noticed.

Loops: My loops are wide so that means that I am both spiritual and gregarious, liking to work with people because of my top loops. As well as, sensual and materialistic because of my wide bottom loops.

Capital Letters; My capital letters say that I am not superficial or bossy. I am also not easily swayed, but rather persistent.

Clearly, my handwriting is as confused as my self-concept after doing this. Maybe this is like a horoscope, where sometimes it fits and sometimes it doesn’t but people mostly focus on the things that fit. Maybe I am all of these things and more depending on the situation.


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