California Digestive Dried Plum Day

January 25, 2013

Happy California Digestive Dried Plum Day!

Well considering that dried plums are really actually prunes then I guess Happy California Digestive Prune Day! For some reason dried plums sound so much fancier then prunes. Prunes makes me think of old people and not being able to poop on a regular basis…not saying that old people can’t poop…just saying there are somethings that go together like bacon and well…everything I guess.

I don’t like prunes. I decided this a long time ago. There are lots of foods that I don’t like. I don’t like avocados but every once in a while I think that I will, I try them and guess what!?! I still don’t freaking like them!!!! I thought this might be the case with prunes so I got some and decided to celebrate by trying them out again, maybe this was a food that is like blue cheese or beer in which you have to grow into. Guess what? This food has NOT gotten better with my taste maturation.

I think I don’t like the texture the most. It’s slimy, it’s soggy, it’s wrinkly, like a raisin that has been soaked in water overnight….but too big eat in one bite. I’m not a huge dried fruit person, but it is too sweet and too meh and too not dried enough! Oh well, maybe I will poop better tomorrow and it will be worthwhile.


A prune by any other name is still a dried plum.

Clearly, I am not going to be an ambassador for Dried Plums any day soon.


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