National Peanut Brittle Day

January 26, 203

Happy National Peanut Brittle Day!

I love peanut brittle so this was going to be a great day I thought! I feel like so many of these days have started off wtih great (or moderate) intentions but have ended with little success. This was how peanut brittle day went as well. I found an “easy”, “fool-proof”, “done-in-minutes” recipe on Pinterest for peanut brittle. This recipe by SprinkleOnSomeSunshine seemed easy enough. I followed the steps. I measured, I cooked, I mixed, I spread, I TRIED to break. It did not break. It did not crack. It did not snap. It did not fracture. It did not do anything but pull off in one giant sticky sheet. This did not stop my enjoyment of the very large peanut flavored crystallized taffy. I’m thinking that I didn’t get the temperature up high enough. Oh well, maybe next time. I ended up throwing it away because every time I walked through the kitchen I would try to pull a hunk off and get super sticky. There are no pictures today because a lot of today was spent with some degree of stickiness.


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