Thomas Crapper Day!

January 27, 2013

Happy Thomas Crapper Day!

I did a little wikipedia search to figure out how to celebrate Thomas Crapper day. I found out a few great things…He didn’t invent the toilet (that was John somebody) but he did make it popular with the rich people in England. He has nine patents and most are relating to watercloset functions. His most notable achievement is inventing the ballcock…oh yes, I just typed ballcock. The ballcock is basically the floating thing that  makes the water stop filling up the tank. So in honor of Thomas Crapper and his day, I fixed my toilet that has been running lately. I think he would be impressed with my effort, if not with my skills or success. We will see if it works…it  has to work better than “wiggle the handle” until it stops method that I have been using lately.

Happy Chocolate Cake Day Too!

I am also celebrating craps by eating chocolate cake which looks like crap 🙂 Just kidding, that was a bad transition. Again the well laid plans of mice and men. I went to Starbucks to get a chocolate cakepop. They only had Salted Chocolate Carmel cakepops. It’s really the spirit of the celebration and not the literal interpretation.



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