National Volunteer Blood Donor Month and Polka Music Month

January 30, 2013

Happy National Volunteer Blood Donor

You should donate blood. Why such a forthright statement…well simply because someday you may need some and turn about is fair play. I don’t want to hear excuses like, I’m afraid of needles or I don’t have time or I don’t like the kind of pizza they give us afterwards. Lame.

I mean they might make you watch Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. And they might make you sit there for 10 minutes longer than you think is necessary because you look a little green around the gills. And they might even give you the hard Chips Ahoy cookies instead of the soft ones. None of these inconveniences are enough to diminish how proud you feel walking around with that weird stretchy tape on your arm for the next four hours, because with that odd tape comes the heart-warming feeling of doing something for someone else who is having a worst-case scenario kind of day.

Oh yeah baby! Squeeze that foam!

Oh yeah baby! Squeeze that foam!

and don’t forget

 Polka Music Month

I also took a break today to appreciate some polka. Below are the links to my favorite one. It’s by The Chardon Polka Band. This is the link to the OFFICIAL music video for The Free Beer Polka. My favorite part is that the album title is Polka, Pirates, and Women. They also sing the In Heaven There is No Beer song. If you haven’t been to a college football game then you may have not heard it it. It goes like this…

In heaven there is no beer.

That’s why we drink it here.

And when we are gone from here.

Our friends will be drinking all our beer.

In other polka related news, did anyone realize that the Grammy’s stopped awarding an Polka Grammy in 2009. My only reaction to this was that I might have missed the only opportunity to win a Grammy, because honestly how much competition can there be outside of Oktoberfest street fairs.



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