Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day

February 7, 2013

Happy Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day!

I have good neighbors, I have ok neighbors, I have neighbors I have never met, I have neighbors that I have to remind to not shoot their paintball guns into my garden. But I have two neighbors that I love.

The first is the kid who plays in the garage band on Thursday nights. I have never met him/her but in the eight years I have lived here he/she has gotten a heck of a lot better. What started as banging on a drum kit has now become a legit band. They found a lead singer, a beat, and some skills. It is positively wonderful to hear them practicing. One day I will take brownies to them because I have gotten so much enjoyment out of listening to them. Nothing like fire pit, garage band, and good friends.

My other neighbors are really more friends than neighbors or landlords. They have fed me almost every Sunday for eight years. They can play cards like nobody’s business. They let me use their pool and don’t complain when I forget to bring over the recycling. They nag me to go to the doctor when I have been sick for far too long and need a swift kick. They are always willing to share a great story over a cup of coffee. I absolutely enjoy their company.  They are by far the best neighbors that anyone could ask for.


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