Kite Flying Day

February 8, 2013

Feliz Kite FLying Day!

“Let’s go fly a kite, up in the highest heights….”

I don’t know anymore of these lyrics….

Some of my favorite memories of growing up were flying kites with my dad. I never had a problem flying kites in Wyoming. Flying kites is one of the wonderful things about living in Wyoming…cuz Nebraska sucks and Utah blows (gotta love Wyoming wind jokes). I didn’t realize that most flags weren’t always whipping, that trees had branches on more than just one side, and that in some trailer parks there aren’t tires holding the roofs down to keep them from blowing away.

Anyway, my dad can make anything more exciting. He can take a regular kite flying day and turn it into something magical. We used to fly things up to the top of the kites and then drop them off in parachute fashion. This is how most of the Barbie dolls our dog chewed up met their final end. This is also how all of the Happy Meal toys ended up spread hither and yon across the wide open spaces. For special occasions spray painted them gold and then would run them up to the top of the kite and release the knot so they fell dramatically. Occasionally we would tie parachutes on them to slow their descent. I realize now that this is probably a pretty fun form of littering. I mean if you’re going to litter you might as well drop the trash from several hundred feet in the air. I am sure that the people downwind of our kite flying field probably couldn’t figure out where the heck spray painted Barbie dolls with most of their limbs chewed off were coming from.

My dad has gotten into kite photography in the past few years. By gotten into, I mean dreamed about and fussed with. As with most things…dreaming about doing them is more fulfilling then actually doing them.  Basically if kite photography works well then it looks like a birds eye view, if it goes typically then it is too blurry to tell what it is, if it goes poorly then the camera doesn’t work and crashes. The most fun that we’ve had with this is a few Christmas’ ago we were trying out a contraption that is meant to stabilize the camera so the pictures aren’t blurry. Essentially, the trial meant that I stood on the 2nd story landing and my dad stood in the kitchen and we tried to fly the kite as close to my sleeping mom’s head as we could without waking her up. In the end, we got really close and only got yelled at a little bit for waking her up. A worthwhile hour spent zooming a camera around the house on strings and trying not to giggle very loudly.

Unfortunately, there was very little wind today. I guess no one told the weather that it was kite flying day. Less than impressive.


Sad little penguin kite.


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