Read A Book In The Bathtub Day

February 9, 2013

Happy Read A Book In The Bathtub Day!

Well last time I “took a bath” on Take a Bubble Bath Day it was less than satisfying. I was given the advice that I should let the enamel tub warm up before I sit down on it so my behind is not frozen. I thought this solid advice so I did just that. Let the hot water run, bubbled it up, and sat down for a read. I read about a chapter in Bill Bryson’s book Made In America. It’s about the history of language specific to the United States. I think that books about language are incredibly fascinating and books by Bill Bryson are tremendous. Here is an excerpt:

“Because of social strictures against even the mildest swearing, America developed a particularly rich crop of euphemistic expletives–darn, durn, goldurn, goshdad, goshdang, goshawful, blast, consarn, confound, by Jove, by jingo, great guns, by the great horn spoon, jo-fired, jumping Jehoshaphat, and others almost without number–but even these cautious epitathets could land people in trouble…” (Bill Bryson, Made in America, p. 320)

So the next time you stub your toe yelp out one of these expletives (My favorite being ‘by the great horn spoon!) instead of one that is in vogue and you probably will be lauded for excellent vocabulary instead of glared at by protective mothers sheltering their children from your slightly more crude 4 letter words. And in 60 or so years people will be saying things much to vulger to type and laughing at why so many swear words had to do with pooping and procreating.


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