Great Backyard Bird Count

February 17, 2103

Happy Great Backyard Bird Count Day

The Great Backyard Bird Count is a four day event in which people all over the country count the birds they see in their backyard and then submit a form tallying what they saw for 15 minutes. It’s super easy and super fun…especially for a novice birdwatcher like me. I really enjoyed sitting outside with some coffee and my camera and enjoying the warm morning sun.

There is a saying that goes something like, “You can’t conserve what you don’t love, you can’t love what you don’t know.” I think this is true and scary because there are people in this world that don’t ever spend time in nature and therefore cannot know it or love it…therefore they have no interest in conserving it. Maybe the Great Backyard Bird Count is special because it gives people a reason to go outside and interact with nature for just a few minutes…and in those minutes maybe they know a little more, love a little more and will conserve a little more. I live in the best city in the world for outdoor adventures and have the resources to take them, but I often choose to stay inside instead of exploring the wide world around me. I am thankful that today I had a little reason to get outside and fall in love again.

My dad always talks about how the songbirds of Wyoming have been killed off by the starlings. He also talks about how ecological losses only effect one generation at a time. I will never miss the songbirds of Wyoming because I never experienced that, I can’t mourn the loss of something that I don’t know I should be missing. This is terrifying because it may not be too many generations until kids don’t miss blue skies, watching lazy clouds float by while laying on warm grass, following a trail of ants just to see where they are scurrying to, or being able to count birds of any kind.

A gray gnatcatcher maybe?

A gray gnatcatcher maybe?

This little guy is an Allen's Hummingbird.

This little guy is an Allen’s Hummingbird.

A common American Crow

A common American Crow

King of the Garden!

King of the Garden!

These two little guys fought the whole time I was out there.

These two little guys fought the whole time I was out there.

I know it's not a bird but this little lavender in my garden caught my fancy while outside.

I know it’s not a bird but this little lavender in my garden caught my fancy while outside.

Here’s the checklist for my city. I like that they link to pictures of the birds to help with identification!

February Checklist for 91902, Bonita, San Diego County, CA

Click on linked species names below for more information about those species.
Show this checklist with rare species included.
______ Canada Goose
______ Wood Duck
______ Mandarin Duck
______ Gadwall
______ Eurasian Wigeon
______ American Wigeon
______ Eurasian x American Wigeon (hybrid)
______ Mallard
______ Mallard (Domestic type)
______ Blue-winged Teal
______ Cinnamon Teal
______ Blue-winged/Cinnamon Teal
______ Northern Shoveler
______ Northern Pintail
______ Green-winged Teal
______ Green-winged Teal (American)
______ teal sp.
______ dabbling duck sp.
______ Canvasback
______ Redhead
______ Ring-necked Duck
______ Lesser Scaup
______ Bufflehead
______ Hooded Merganser
______ Common Merganser
______ Red-breasted Merganser
______ merganser sp.
______ Ruddy Duck
______ duck sp.
Grouse, Quail, and Allies
______ California Quail ______ Ring-necked Pheasant
Loons and Grebes
______ Common Loon
______ loon sp.
______ Pied-billed Grebe
______ Eared Grebe
______ Western Grebe
______ Clark’s Grebe
______ Western/Clark’s Grebe
Cormorants, Anhingas, and Pelicans
______ Double-crested Cormorant ______ American White Pelican
Herons, Ibis, and Allies
______ American Bittern
______ Least Bittern
______ Great Blue Heron
______ Great Egret
______ Snowy Egret
______ Cattle Egret
______ white egret sp.
______ Green Heron
______ Black-crowned Night-Heron
______ White-faced Ibis
Vultures, Hawks, and Allies
______ Turkey Vulture
______ Osprey
______ White-tailed Kite
______ Golden Eagle
______ Northern Harrier
______ Sharp-shinned Hawk
______ Cooper’s Hawk
______ Accipiter sp.
______ Red-shouldered Hawk
______ Red-shouldered Hawk (California)
______ Red-tailed Hawk
______ Red-tailed Hawk (Western)
______ Buteo sp.
______ Buteo/eagle sp.
Rails, Gallinules, and Allies
______ Virginia Rail
______ Sora
______ rail sp.
______ Common Gallinule
______ Common Gallinule (American)
______ American Coot
______ moorhen/coot sp.
______ Black-bellied Plover
______ Killdeer
______ Black-necked Stilt
______ American Avocet
______ Spotted Sandpiper
______ Greater Yellowlegs
______ Willet
______ Greater/Lesser Yellowlegs
______ Whimbrel
______ Whimbrel (American)
______ Long-billed Curlew
______ Marbled Godwit
______ Western Sandpiper
______ Least Sandpiper
______ peep sp.
______ Dunlin
______ Long-billed Dowitcher
______ Wilson’s Snipe
______ large shorebird sp.
______ shorebird sp.
Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers
______ Ring-billed Gull
______ Western Gull
______ California Gull
______ Herring Gull
______ Herring Gull (American)
______ Glaucous-winged Gull
______ Western x Glaucous-winged Gull (hybrid)
______ Herring x Glaucous-winged Gull (hybrid)
______ Larus sp.
______ gull sp.
______ Caspian Tern
______ Forster’s Tern
______ tern sp.
Pigeons and Doves
______ Rock Pigeon
______ Rock Pigeon (Domestic type)
______ Eurasian Collared-Dove
______ Mourning Dove
______ Common Ground-Dove
______ dove sp.
______ Greater Roadrunner
______ Barn Owl
______ Great Horned Owl
______ Burrowing Owl
______ owl sp.
______ Common Poorwill
______ White-throated Swift
______ Anna’s Hummingbird
______ Costa’s Hummingbird
______ Allen’s Hummingbird
______ Rufous/Allen’s Hummingbird
______ hummingbird sp.
______ Belted Kingfisher
______ Acorn Woodpecker
______ Red-naped Sapsucker
______ Red-breasted Sapsucker
______ Red-naped x Red-breasted Sapsucker (hybrid)
______ Nuttall’s Woodpecker
______ Downy Woodpecker
______ Picoides sp.
______ Northern Flicker
______ Northern Flicker (Red-shafted)
______ woodpecker sp.
Falcons and Caracaras
______ American Kestrel
______ Merlin
______ Merlin (Taiga)
______ Peregrine Falcon
______ Peregrine Falcon (North American)
______ small falcon sp.
______ falcon sp.
______ diurnal raptor sp.
Parrots, Parakeets, and Macaws
______ Rose-ringed Parakeet
______ Blue-crowned Parakeet
______ Mitred Parakeet
______ Red-masked Parakeet
______ Aratinga sp.
______ Red-crowned Parrot
______ Lilac-crowned Parrot
______ Yellow-headed Parrot
______ Amazona sp.
______ parrot sp.
Tyrant Flycatchers: Pewees, Kingbirds, and Allies
______ Pacific-slope Flycatcher
______ Empidonax sp.
______ Black Phoebe
______ Say’s Phoebe
______ Vermilion Flycatcher
______ Myiarchus sp.
______ Cassin’s Kingbird
______ yellow-bellied kingbird sp.
______ Loggerhead Shrike
______ Hutton’s Vireo ______ vireo sp.
Jays, Magpies, Crows, and Ravens
______ Black-throated Magpie-Jay
______ Western Scrub-Jay
______ Western Scrub-Jay (Coastal)
______ American Crow
______ Common Raven
______ Horned Lark ______ Horned Lark (Western rufous Group)
Martins and Swallows
______ Northern Rough-winged Swallow
______ Tree Swallow
______ swallow sp.
Chickadees and Titmice
______ Mountain Chickadee
Long-tailed Tits
______ Bushtit
______ White-breasted Nuthatch
______ Rock Wren
______ Canyon Wren
______ House Wren
______ Marsh Wren
______ Bewick’s Wren
______ Cactus Wren
______ wren sp.
______ Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
______ California Gnatcatcher
______ gnatcatcher sp.
______ Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Sylvids, Parrotbills, and Allies
______ Wrentit
______ Western Bluebird
______ Hermit Thrush
______ Catharus sp.
______ American Robin
Catbirds, Mockingbirds, and Thrashers
______ Northern Mockingbird ______ California Thrasher
Starlings and Mynas
______ European Starling
Wagtails and Pipits
______ American Pipit
______ Cedar Waxwing
______ Phainopepla
______ Orange-crowned Warbler
______ Orange-crowned Warbler (lutescens)
______ Orange-crowned Warbler (sordida)
______ Common Yellowthroat
______ Yellow-rumped Warbler
______ Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)
______ Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon’s)
______ Townsend’s Warbler
______ warbler sp.
Tanagers and Allies
______ White-collared Seedeater ______ White-collared Seedeater (Cinnamon-rumped)
Sparrows and other Emberizids
______ Spotted Towhee
______ Rufous-crowned Sparrow
______ California Towhee
______ Chipping Sparrow
______ Black-chinned Sparrow
______ Lark Sparrow
______ Sage Sparrow
______ Sage Sparrow (Bell’s)
______ Savannah Sparrow
______ Savannah Sparrow (Western)
______ Grasshopper Sparrow
______ Fox Sparrow
______ Fox Sparrow (Sooty)
______ Fox Sparrow (Thick-billed)
______ Fox Sparrow (Slate-colored)
______ Song Sparrow
______ Lincoln’s Sparrow
______ White-crowned Sparrow
______ White-crowned Sparrow (Gambel’s)
______ Golden-crowned Sparrow
______ Dark-eyed Junco
______ Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon)
______ sparrow sp.
Cardinals, Grosbeaks, and Allies
______ Summer Tanager
______ Summer Tanager (Eastern)
______ Western Tanager
______ Northern Cardinal
______ Red-winged Blackbird
______ Tricolored Blackbird
______ Western Meadowlark
______ Yellow-headed Blackbird
______ Brewer’s Blackbird
______ Great-tailed Grackle
______ Brown-headed Cowbird
______ Hooded Oriole
______ Bullock’s Oriole
______ Bullock’s/Baltimore Oriole
______ oriole sp.
______ blackbird sp.
Finches, Euphonias, and Allies
______ House Finch
______ Carpodacus sp.
______ Lesser Goldfinch
______ American Goldfinch
______ Spinus sp.
Old World Sparrows
______ House Sparrow
Weavers and Allies
______ Orange Bishop
______ Nutmeg Mannikin
______ passerine sp.


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