Chocolate Mint Day

February 19, 2013

Chocolate Mint Day

I will say this, I don’t love things that are chocolate mint except for the occasional grasshopper cookie or dirty girl scout shot. That being said, I tried to get into the spirit of the celebration by having some chocolate mint cookie ice cream. Still not that into it…but I do love me some ice cream!

Here goes chocolate cookie ice cream.

Here goes nothing…mint chocolate cookie ice cream.

If you don’t love ice cream here is a recipe for a great shot!

Dirty Girl Scout Shooter

1 part Kaluha

1 part vodka

1 part creme de menthe

1 part Bailey’s Irish cream

I like to put it in a shaker with ice and shake it at least 50 times. It gets frothy and delicious! It also looks like toxic sludge but put a little whip cream and some chocolate flakes on it and it is delicious!

After a few of these shooters I often will start mixing those four ingredients with just about anything in the fridge or pantry…I often use half and half or heavy whipping cream to make more of a creamy drink!

However you like it I hope you have a great time celebrating Chocolate Mint Day!


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