Grapefruit Day

February 25, 2013

Happy Grapefruit Day!

I have a fickle love affair with grapefruit. Or maybe just kind of an abusive love affair. I forget how much I like it until I eat it. Then soon after I eat it I forget about it again. It’s one of those fruits, like cantaloupe, or one of those foods, like tuna and popcorn, that unless I smell I don’t really want. However, once I cut open a ripe grapefruit the adoration comes rushing back and I am smitten. I usually eat it with a few spoonfuls of sugar on top…I realize that this minimizes the health benefits of eating grapefruit but there is nothing as delicious as the sugary juice in the bottom of the peel once all the sections have been eaten. It’s simply divine.

This is the time of year that I get back into a citrus frame of mind. The clementine tree just finished it’s fruit bearing and I pulled 3 grocery bags full of little fruits off to share with my students and friends. The lemon tree is so laden with lemons that the branches are laying on the ground. I’ve snagged a few oranges from the tree next door for a lunchtime snack and eaten more than my fair share of Cuties lately. Eating season fruits brings me back to the connections that we share with the Earth…what a fragile and wondrous connection it is!


A Very Happy Grapefruit

A Very Happy Grapefruit


PS. To use up the lemons I have been making a sugar scrub that is divine…and super easy to make!

1 cup sugar

1/2 to 1 cup of oil (olive, coconut, vegetable, whatever you have)

1-2 lemons.

Stir together the sugar and oil until the sugar is just coated with oil. Squeeze a lemon or two in there. It should be like gritty oatmeal consistency…add more oil if needed. Then just use it as a hand scrub in or in the shower. Your skin will feel like buttah’  I put the extras in a mason jar it it lasts for a really long time!

Also learn from my mistake… make sure to wash out the tub or it becomes quite slippery 🙂




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