Pig Day

March 1, 2013

Happy Pig Day!

I celebrated Pig Day by eating some delicious pig!!! If you live in SoCal and haven’t gone to Slater’s 50/50 restaurant then you will probably live longer than I will but you are also missing out on a hamburger made half of ground beef and half of BACON! That’s right my people!!! I said HALF MADE OF BACON!!!!  They just don’t have bacon burgers and bacon ketchup but also maple bacon milkshakes and bacon brownies.

This time I had fried pickles with Dijon mustard and B’B’B’ Burger: Bacon-lovers unite. Our 50/50 patty with bacon American cheese, sunny side up egg, thick cut bacon and bacon island dressing on a bacon pretzel bun. If you think that sounds like bacon overkill then you are wrong. It was perfectly bacon-y and delicious. I am sure that several good pigs gave up their lives to make such a divine sandwich…and it was a sacrifice well worth it-for me anyway, no one probably asked the pigs.

If you ever have the chance to eat at Slater’s go! Just don’t go too often or you won’t live to see your next birthday.

Yum! The B'B'B' Burger in action!

Yum! The B’B’B’ Burger in action!


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