Dr. Seuss Day!

March 2, 2013

Dr. Seuss Day!

Here is my rhyme about Dr. Seuss Day.


Dr. Seuss Day!

What a marvallous way

To celebrate with a hip hip hooray

The man who could write what he wanted to say

In a rhyming scheme…that was a little bit cray-cray!

Today started off with early light glow

I watched a little Walking Dead show

We started running errands rather slow

Then we stopped at the OB pier for a mo-

ment. Finding parking was a point kind of low.

The resturant on the pier had a little overflow.

Once we had our fish and chips to munch

We enjoyed the view quite a bunch!

We walked and we talked and we enjoyed our lunch.

Sitting on the pier was better than a punch

In the face….beginning to burn gave us the hunch

To move on before we got too much skin crunch.

But don’t think that we were quite done

There was still so much time to have fun

Enjoying the wind, surf, and sun

We spent some major bucks, hun

On plants, flip-flops, and socks for my run

Listening to Thriftstore by Macklemore on re-run.

Came back to the little casita

In the fair town of Bonita

We put some penut mantiquilla

On pinecones with some little seed-itas

For the little parajaritas.

Bedtime has come for me at last

This day has been a real blast

Emma’s trip has gone all too fast

Thanks Dr. Suess, all your books that broke the cast

Relevant now as they were in the past

The way you embrace silly has left a mark, so very vast


At the OB pier! Getting our tan on.

At the OB pier! Getting our tan on.


Here are Emma’s musings:


There was a grand day to be had

But getting out of bed was an idea that was bad

So Adrielle and Emma slept in until late

Until it was time for a pier stroll and a fish n’ chips date

They then moved on to some errands and a few stores

Where they got socks, sandals, and 20 dollars worth of REI scores

In addition to this, two complimentary sweaters with stripes

That will surely lead to a few more “Are you two lesbians?” gripes

Emma then suggested frozen yogurt with candy and fruit as a toppin’

On the way they repeatedly listened to “Thrift Shop” ‘cause it is poppin’

Next, traveling to a few more stops turned out to be a farce

Looking for the right gift for another was a pain in the arse

Coming to the end of their day, sleep was in desperate need

But instead they covered pinecones in peanut butter and seed (for the birds it will feed)

It can be agreed:

That the two did succeed

In having a grand time… indeed!

A Seuss day was celebrated at full speed!

Embrace the Silly! Happy Dr. Seuss Day!!!!

Embrace the Silly! Happy Dr. Seuss Day!!!!


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