Cheese Doodle Day!

March 5, 2013

Merry Cheese Doodle Day!

I am feeling quite accomplished! I got report cards done and entered, got all the raised beds ready for the cool weather crops, and celebrated not one… but THREE holidays today! Besides just Cheese Doodle Day, I also celebrated Noodle Month and Sauce Month for dinner. Ok, those are not really that hard to celebrate but it’s the effort that counts. I also celebrated Cheese Doodle Day…not by eating cheese doodles…mostly because it’s cold outside and I don’t want to go to the store to buy them. Instead of cheese doodles I did doodles of cheese!


I can’t decide if I like Stilton who just cut the cheese, or the extra sharp cheddar who looks extra sharp today.


In case you worried about yesterday, don’t worry I’m fully caffeinated today!


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