International Day of Awesome

March 10, 2013

Happy International Day of Awesome!

You have 4 minutes. I know you do. If you didn’t then you would be doing something else with your time instead of reading this blog….or at least you have 4 minutes to waste while you are avoiding doing what you actually need to be doing. Quick watch this video.

Did you watch it. You didn’t? WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? CAN YOU NOT FOLLOW SIMPLE DIRECTIONS?!?!?! DO IT NOW!!!! Here is the link again… Kid President’s Pep Talk Video 

Ok, now that you did. You know it’s your duty to give the world a reason to dance….and your probably fell in love with Kid President. How could you not? I want to put him in my pocket and take him out for a personal pep talk every time I lose my awesome. The reason why I love him and why I think that he’s a great spokesperson for the International Day of Awesome is because he is awesome because he is doing exactly what he loves. People who do what they love have the amazing ability to ignite the people around them into action as well. When people are passionate about the things they do it sparks creativity. It’s hard to be around someone who is living with intent and not want to do the same thing. So go…be awesome… dance! Otherwise you and Robert Frost…not cool.


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