Johnny Appleseed Day

March 11, 2013

Johnny Appleseed Day

Oh the Lord is good to me,

And so I thank the Lord.

For giving me, the things I need

The wind and the rain and the appleseeds

Oh the Lord is good to me.

That grace at camp means someone is praying for rain. Johnny Appleseed is one of those strange characters in history who is part life and part legend.

I listened to a podcast on Johnny Appleseed from the Stuff You Missed In History Class ladies and as always was surprised at what was myth and what was truth. Granted these lines are a little blurry when it comes to historical events and figures.

Ahh the memories.

Ahh the memories.

Essentially, he was a guy who planted nurseries of trees while preaching the gospel and had a fondness for all types of flora and fauna. He was a vegetarian and there are several anecdotes about him saving insects and wildlife from harm. He was opposed to grafting trees for religious reasons so grew his trees from seed which apparently makes the fruit too tart for just eating and more likely used in ciders, applesauces, and pies. In my head, he was some hobo walking around planting trees on whims but in reality he mostly owned the land that he planted trees on.

I think like most legends he is probably bigger than life for commercial reasons. Like the Paul Bunyan legend my earliest memories are of the Disney variety. Here is a link to the Disney version of Johnny Appleseed. 


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