Girl Scout Day

March 12, 2013

Happy Girl Scout Day!


Juliette Gordon Low

101 years ago a pretty cool gal…well I didn’t know her personally but she was a feisty wench, started Girl Scouts in here living room. How do I know she was fiesty…because of these funny stories I came across on So here’s to the women who are a little bit feisty, a little bit of dreamer, a little bit of a game-changer, a little bit of amazing.  

The Wrong Fish: I was out trout fishing one night and felt a tug on my line. I fought hard for quite a while to try and “land” my catch. What I didn’t realize was that I hadn’t hooked a fish-rather, I had hooked one of my guests straight through the ear. I was too deaf to hear his screams, and I was so determined to land the “fish” I never noticed that it was a human being instead.

Fishing with Kipling: I was bored at one of the parties I was attending, and so I pulled KIpling away from his friends and took him fishing. He kept complaining that we weren’t dressed for it (we were both in formal attire), but I never saw what difference our clothes made-it wasn’t as if they were the bait we were using!

Turkey Dinner: When I was little, people fattened and then slaughter their own Thanksgiving turkeys. Just before they cut off our turkey’s head, I convinced my family that brutal decapitation was inhuman. I argued that he could be chloroformed first, and then wouldn’t feel anything. They finally gave in and agreed to do just that. Then they plucked the turkey and put him in the icebox. When they opened the icebox the next day, the bird was wide awake and bolted out of his frozen “cage.” The cook, thinking the bird had been dead, became hysterical and jumped up on top of the stove.

A Battle of the Wills: When my husband died, I found that he had willed his entire estate to another woman. No one was going to get away with that! Against the advice of my friends, I decided to contest the will and eventually I won a $500,000 settlement.

I also found some awesome recipes with Girl Scout Cookies

Make your own Samoas! with the girls at foodologie

Recipes that are inspired by Samoas at Something Swanky

Copycat recipes for most of the cookies here

And the easiest, three ingredient Tagalongs at Back for Seconds


And my favorite recipe!


1 part Vodka

1 part Kahlua

1 part Bailey’s

1 part creme de menthe

I put them in a shaker or sometimes put it with some half and half. If you have it put some whip cream on it and some chocolate shavings….that make getting wastey-face classy! If you use green creme de menthe liquor it will turn murky brown, I don’t have the clear but that’s what generally recommended. I say, use what ya got!


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