Jewel Day

March 13, 2013

Jolly Jewel Day!

Nature's most beautiful jewels.

Nature’s most beautiful jewels.

Well, I don’t like jewels because of the unnecessary value they place on rocks and minerals…I am specifically thinking of blood diamonds and other things that are valued higher then their worth. There are some types of jewels/minerals I love. I love, love, love florescent minerals!!!!


I love these!

I also really adore unfinished minerals and semi-precious stones. They are amazing!


Unpolished semi-precious jewels

Ruby, my birth stone! I like this one better than the polished ones

Ruby, my birth stone! I like this one better than the polished ones!

If I had to pick one jewel I would pick an opal. I really like fire opals! They are amazing.

Fire opals

Fire opals

I particularly like ammolites as well. These are made from the shells of amorite fossils. They are beautiful.



These are not technically jewels but they are rare and semi-precious. They are pieces of glass made in Rome before glass blowing started. Wonderful pieces of art infused with care and craftsmanship.

Not technically a jewel.

Not technically a jewel. Roman Glass.

However, of all of the amazing jewels…I still like this one the best probably. Talk about rare and fleeting!

More of nature's jewels

More of nature’s jewels


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