Quilting Day!

March 16, 2013

Happy Quilting Day!

I’m elbow deep in quilt fever right now. I am almost to the point where I swear off quilting forever and vow never to go back, not quite though. The quilt that I’m working on now is for a friend. She asked me to make one a few years ago and I told her I would. She hasn’t seen it in progress yet but I am pretty confident that she will like it. It’s a Pinwheel Sampler quilt that I modified from a quilt along from the cutest blog called ps I quilt. I will post pictures when I’m done but here are a few quilts I’ve done…a little trip down quilting memory lane. If you are interested in free motion quiliting the best website I’ve found is The Free Motion Quilting Project, they are amazing!

Details on my first quilt.

Details on my first quilt.



The first quilt I made…120 inches of blood, sweat, and tears.


Details on my nieces quilt.


It’s bright and crazy….a little like my niece.


The striped edging, and big polka dots on the back.


More polka dots!


The first blocks on Lynn’s quilt. This seems like a long time ago!


The front of Lynn’s quilt finally put together!


The back of Lynn’s quilt.


What I’ve been staring at for a few weeks now.

Photo: Slowly quilting but feeling good... 5 squares down and 37 to go :) Don't worry Lynn, the red marks will wash out!

Some of the squares that I’ve finished free motion quilting.



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