Awkward Moments Day

March 18, 2013

Happy Awkward Moments Day!

If there is any day that I can celebrate it is this day! I am very good at causing awkward moments. One day soon, after I have recovered from embarrassment, I will tell a story about me and a foam pit which caused about 20 minutes of awkward moments. It’s still stings my confidence a little so I’m not quite ready to tell it with the amount of honesty that will make it hilarious…and accurate.

Here is something that happened today at school. We were supposed to be meeting for collborative planning and there is a person on our team who is always late. She came in a solid 10 minutes late and said something like, “I do all the work for this committee”. Anyone at our school committee’s knows this is a blanent falsehood. I, not able to let well enough alone, said, “Well there’s no point in playing the martyr because everyone at this school does more than their job.” This is true, probably not tactful though. She huffed and sat down mumbling something under then there was a solid 30 seconds of silence in which the awkward ratchetted up to palpable. My guilt over saying something that was unnecessary was quickly dissipated when she was not helpful and did not volunteer to do anything for the next hour. Even when the principal asked her specifically to do something as soon as he left she told me to do it. Needless to say, I told her that I probably wasn’t going to do her job for her but thanks anyway for the opportunity. Do I make things awkward, yes. Am I apologizing for speaking the truth even when it’s unpopular…not at all. Should I find a more socially acceptable way to speak the truth…probably 🙂

3/22/13 Update: I found these awkward family photos in the blogosphere today. Hilarious and I’m awkwarded out by each of them!


So much denim!


Quite possibly the reason why that baby will need a psychiatrist throughout adulthood.


The worst interpretation of a rainbow I’ve ever seen. I am horrified and intrigued.


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