American Chocolate Week

March 19, 2013

Happy American Chocolate Week!

Today I celebrated by eating American chocolate with my friend Jason. We shared a Twix and a Kit-Kat, halvsies and two-fourthsies respectfully. Yes I know that a half and two-fourths are equivalent but it’s more funner to save two-fourthsies than just a regular half.  Here is list of my favorite American chocolates and my least favorites (or as my students would say, “My worsts”). 

Top 5: 

1. Twix

2. Kit-Kat

3. Peanut M&Ms

4. Skor 

5. Snickers

Bottom 5: 

5: Butterfingers

4. Junior Mints

3. Almond Joys

2. Milky Way

1. Malted Milk Balls


There are a lot of American chocolates and this celebration lasts the whole week, so I also had some M&M’s the other day.




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