Fragrance Day

March 21, 2013

Feliz Fragrance Day!


According to the website the 10 best smells are as follow:

1. Fresh Petrol

2. Vanilla

3. Bacon

4. Fresh Air

5. Cut Grass

6. Girl’s Neck

7. Melted Chocolate

8. Popcorn

9. Marker Pens

10. Coconut

Apparently good smells are biological and according to one group smells like citrus and peppermint are liked by nearly everyone.


There are probably a million lists on the internet of top smells…these are my top 10.

1. Rain on blacktop

2. Campfire

3. Fresh Bacon (not day old bacon smell)

4. Cut grass

5. Ripe peaches from the tree

6. Orange blossoms

7. Star Jasmine

8. Citrus

9. Strawberry jam cooking

10. Baked goods baking

11. Pine

12. Coffee


Here are some smells that I don’t like… I mean besides the ones that everyone hates like poop and bile. In no order:


-Perfumes, especially the old lady variety

-Tea tree/Eucalyptus


-Day old bacon



-Cucumber Melon scents

-Fake flowery lotion




-Fritos…especially flavored ones

-Vitamin B pills

I have a love hate relationship with sharpie markers, diesel gas, clorox wipes, and fixative sprays. 🙂

Kevin Bacon in bacon.

Kevin Bacon in bacon.

Apparently the nose can smell up to 1 trillion different scents. No wonder olfactory memories are so strong. I can vividly remember so many things after a waft of a smell from my past. Sometimes it’s almost visceral the memory is so strong.


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