Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

March 26, 2013

Merry Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!

Here is a list of all the holidays I celebrated today!

– Curse Your Alarm Clock Day

-Hit Snooze One Extra Time Day

-Wake Up On a 5 Minute Interval Day

-Wear a Dirty (But Not Funky) Shirt Day

-Cover Up Your Dirty Shirt with a Scarf Day

-Slog Through Work on a Tuesday Day

-Enjoy a Latte Without The Paper Sleeve Day

Where is my paper sleeve?

Where is my paper sleeve?

-Have a Egg Taco For Breakfast Day

-Eat a Lunch That Came Out of A Vending Machine Day

I Heart Lunch!

I Heart Lunch!

-Accidentally Take A Picture of the Ceiling Day

What was I doing?

What was I doing?

-Work on a Quilt Day

-Review My Netflix Queue Day

-Delete Odd Documentaries That I Probably Will Never Watch Off My Netflix Queue Day

-Find a Long Lost Picture That You Love on Facebook Day

The Wonder Tower

The Wonder Tower

-Mail Letters That Are Long Overdue Day

Oops..this might be late :(

Oops..this might be late 😦

-Walk Around Rohr Park Day


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