Square Root Day and Walk Around Things Day

April 4, 2013

Happy Square Root Day and Walk Around Things Day

Well I was planning on celebrating Square Root Day by listing all the square roots I could think of but it turns out that it’s actually not Square Root Day until 2016! You know 4/4/16. I guess I will have to wait.

So on to Walk Around Things Day. I made a point of walking around things today…well at least the things that I could walk around. I didn’t get too crazy because I am kind of lazy and on Spring Break. Here is the list

-my bed

-pile of dirty laundy


-coffee table

-quilting mess

-wooden chair

-pillow on the floor of the livingroom

-Luke the Kia

-Starbucks table

-Starbucks chairs

-Starbucks patrons

-garden beds…all 6 of them


-bag of compost that needs to be picked up

-lawn chairs and fire pit

-recycling bin

-area rug

-box of canning jars that were on the floor

-25 pounds of sugar


That’s all that I purposefully did but I probably walked around the livingroom to the fridge a few times 🙂


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