Tartan Day

April 6, 2013

Guid Tartan Day


I am a basic Euro-mutt. I’m basically the European melting pot in myself. Here’s some basic Aldrich genealogy for our branch of the Aldrich clan. Please understand that this might be wrong…I’m not super good with details sometimes. My parents are Andrew and Michelle (Edmonds). My paternal grandparents are Aldriches and they are Alvin and Annette (Edwards). My great-grandfather was born Scott Wood (I think) and adopted by an Aldrich family on the East Coast (I’m pretty sure Boston). So had Scott stayed a Wood then I would have seen the backs of a lot of lines as a kid and my school mailbox wouldn’t be so very high up and in the corner. Seeing as how Scott became an Aldrich here is the Aldrich tartan and the coat of arms.


The Strathclyde Tartan from before 1820.


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