No Housework Day and Metric System Day

April 7, 2013

Happy No Housework Day!

I love this holiday! This is my favorite holiday so far I think. I celebrated by not doing any housework at all… and I’m not planning on doing any today!  Hurray for today!

Merry Metric System Day!

There are a variety of reasons why the metric system is better than the Imperial or Standard or King’s version….it can’t even freaking make up it’s mind about the name let alone what number to use as its base! Here is a short list of the reasons why I hate the Imperial system:

-The abbreviations are stupid (oz and lb for instance)

-They are in base 6, base 12, base 16, base 60, base 4, base, 2, base 5280…basically everything but base 10.

– Teaching decimals would be way the heck easier if we used the metric system.

-Metric doesn’t make cents or sense!

-The number of ways to measure any thing has a billion names (length alone has 14 ways; inch, foot, yard, mile, fathom, rod, furlong, league, mile, pole, perch, hand, link, chain)

-Please complain about the cost of turning things over to metric but everything is labeled in both anyway.

-Two words…Standardized Testing (we have to teach both ways WTF)

These are just the ways that come to mind off the top of my head…there are a whole hectare more!

Here’s a few more reasons more from other bloggers:

-Only Liberia, Burma and the US use it!

-Hard to memorize (Preach! Trying explaining time to 7 year olds)


-It causes plane crashes

-“In the early days, measurement systems were based on body parts, or whatever else was readily available. A foot was a man’s foot, an inch was the width of a man’s thumb or three end-to-end barleycorns, and a furlong was the distance King John could force a team of oxen to go before they dropped dead in the dirt.” I rest my case!

Here are some great blogs to read about how impractical the Imperial system is:

Mpumelelo Makhanya– The Imperial System Sucks Real Hard

Imperial System Sucks 5 Bad Ideas Humanity Is Sticking With


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