National Garlic Day

April 19, 2013

Happy National Garlic Day!

For National Garlic Day, I celebrated by making a chicken dish with some garlic in it! I also made beans with garlic and Brussels sprouts with garlic that day…I love me some garlic. So here is the abbreviated recipe.




Feta Cheese

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Saute garlic in olive oil. When it’s lost the bitter flavor then wilt the spinach. After the spinach is wilted take it off the heat and add the feta cheese. Stuff that mixture into the flattened chicken breast and roll in bread crumbs. Cook in the oven at 350 for like 30 minutes.

I think you could get really creative with this recipe. I was thinking roasted pine nuts or some roasted sweet peppers would be awesome. Or maybe some chopped asparagus….the possibilities are endless!!!

If you are not a cook by taster then here is an actual recipe from


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