Mariachi Week!

April 25, 2013

Happy Mariachi Week!

I don’t love mariachi. It reminds me of that uncomfortable feeling in Mexican restaurants when a few men in too small suits come up and serenade with an extremely grating brass instrument while I’m just trying to enjoy my cheese enchiladas. This year, my class went on a school field trip to see a mariachi performance, it was alright. I mostly remember the suffocating heat and exhaust smell in the bus that was stalled waiting for the drop-off point. I think you get my point…not a huge fan. But do you know who is a huge fan of mariachi? The beluga whale in this video.  If you haven’t seen this viral video then stop reading this histrionic rambling and spend the next 1.75 minutes being delighted by the interaction between music and nature. Also, who the hell takes a mariachi band to an aquarium?

If you haven’t already watched the video then here is a still shot to inspire you. Watch this!!!!

There are no words.

There are no words.


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