Grilled Cheese Day!

April 28, 2013

Merry Grilled Cheese Day!

Grilled cheese is wonderful! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I had some wonderful grilled cheesus today! Here are some other things that make me feel warm and fuzzy:

-quart size Ziploc baggies

-homemade jelly

-finishing big projects

-beating Jason in Mariokart

-doing things that I didn’t think I could do

-Dr. Bronner’s peppermint Castile soap

-sweater’s that are light enough to wear all day and wonderfully flow-y

-having a computer that works again

-laughing while exercising…who would have thought exercising could be fun!

-checking things off the to-do list

-clean car syndrome

-finishing the standardized test for another year

-Netflix original series

-Honey Smacks

-a fridge full of fruits and veggies

-Mo Willems books

-art projects in 2nd grade

-walking 9 miles and not dying

-a newly vacuumed floor

-newly sharpened pencils with erasers still intact

-Sugar Candy Crush

Yummy, yummy in my tummy

Yummy, yummy in my tummy


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