Honesty Day

April 30, 2013

Happy Honesty Day!

Honestly, I’m writing this post in April of 2014. I skipped a few days (and most of November) due to life getting in the way of my best intentions but I wanted to complete this project so I’m going back and celebrating the days that I missed or posting about days I celebrated but never quite got all the pieces together before it came and went. However, if you should go back and check the past few months because I am close to having completed all of January-April! I thought since I am being so honest I would confess a few more things.

1. I love making lists!

2. I really, really, really love crossing things off of lists.

3. Sometimes I write things I’ve already done so I can cross more things off of my list.

4. I am stubborn and sometimes a little passive aggressive.

5. I play Candy Crush too much.

6. I don’t like it when people give me a hard time about not posting on my blog. Mostly because I don’t like to think that I’m writing to please anyone but myself…then Number 4 on this list kicks in and I am less inspired to write.

7. I have a thing for bad boys, this has proved detrimental both in passing over good guys and it trying far too hard to make it work with the bad ones.

8. I am slow to warm but very loyal.

9. I’m not as crafty or cute as people think I am….I’m ok with that perception though.

10. I think I’m the most proud of myself when I kill a fly with my bare hands. Mostly, I’m a pacifist, but my caveman survival over nature instincts come out and I am entirely pleased with myself.


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