National Hamburger Month

May 3, 2013

Happy National Hamburger Month

Well I didn’t have a hamburger today because I went to some random breweries and then had an awesome banana split very early in the morning of the next day. I will relive for you the best hamburgers in San Diego County…in my opinion that is.

Boomerang: This is a family owned resturant in Clairemont and it is amazing. The owers/host/chefs/bartenders are fabulous and hilarious. The burgers have the ingredients mixed in so you can really make your own concoction! It’s amazing! Not only are the possibilities endless but they also have awesome sides, I would suggest the everything mashed potatoes or the mac n’ cheese! They are a little slow so don’t go if you are hangry or in a hurry.

Burger Lounge: You can taste the happy cow (does that make it better or worse to eat) in their no-hormone, no-bad stuff, organic, grass-fed, happy cow meat. I prefer to get the Cesar side salad and a Mexican coke to round out this meal. The Cesar salad has little taro bits that are crunchy and delicious. You don’t want to wear a nice shirt when going here because the hamburger meat is so juicy that there is no way for anyone (especially me) to get out of there without a few drips. The worst part is that there is no parking at any of there locations and usually some obnoxious foodies crowding up the joint.

Hodad’s: I will say that I have never been to the OB one. The downtown one is close to school and as an extreme upside it’s not in OB! I like the Blue Jay Burger because it has blue cheese and bacon on it and they’re not playing when they load on the blue cheese and bacon! The downside is that I never feel well after I leave there because there is so much food…do yourself a favor and don’t get a side because you will be overwhelmed by the portions. It is also an extreme sloppy burger so once you pick it up you have to down it because there’s no way to put it down and then pick it up again in one piece…not a good place for the faint of heart or a first date.

Sherman’s Shack: I like this place the most because it’s like a block away from my school and I totally love the idea of supporting non-big businesses. I got the Black and Blue burger, it’s like Boomerang’s where they put the stuff in the meat mixture…it had blue cheese, grilled onions, and blue cheese inside so it was juicy and delicious. I’m not ashamed to say that I added bacon to that mix! I got the tater tots and some Mexican coke as the side. It’s really great because they support my school and it’s the least I can do to support a community partner…and stuff my face at the same time 🙂

Nicky Rotten’s: Another sloppy burger very similar to Hodad’s. I think the portions are smaller than Hodad’s which makes it more manageable and less over-full at the end. The ambiance is nice. Overall a good burger with some bacon and blue cheese. I think I got some garlic tots on the side! I don’t think I would drive specifically here but if I was downtown I would totally go…not because it’s not worth it but rather because I hate driving downtown.

Slater’s 50/50: This is a newish place in Liberty Station. It’s always crowded so don’t go if you are particularly hungry or in a hurry. It’s schtick is that the burgers are made out of half bacon and half beef…and they are awesome. I have made a few of my own creations but the best thing I’ve ever had was a brat burger, it was an Oktoberfest special but it was a bratwurst that made into a patty, it had some sauerkraut with apples and bacon in it and on a PRETZEL BUN! Oh yes! The gods were smiling down on us when the day the pretzel bun was invented!

The Neighborhood: A good happy-hour place. Go early. They have a spicy burger that is awesome. However, the portions are small and you’re gonna want to order some sides because it’s like a mini-burger. They don’t have ketchup either…pretentious! The big draw there is that for local beers if you buy one you get one free. It’s a nice place to try out a wide variety of beers and the staff are mostly friendly and helpful in selecting the libations.

Notable non-hamburger  options:

Krakatoa: STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND GO THERE NOW! You won’t regret it. They have mind-blowing sandwiches and potato salad that will make you slap your grandma (I have no idea what that saying really means but believe me it is that good). I have been on a Colima kick for about three years which is a turkey sandwich with spicy chipotle mayo and all the fixin’s on flakey bread. The best!

Studio Diner: They have a bomb Monte Cristo and they are open all night. Need I say more?

Podoroso: This is small Jordanian cafe in Barrio Logan within spitting distance from Chicano Park. And by cafe I mean a cross between a 7-11 and a deli counter. They have a awesome hot pastrami sandwich and they lady who owns it is really nice. Apparently the egg salad is something to write home about too.

Riviera Supper Club: No sandwiches here, just a dive bar with some killer bacon mac n cheese. This mac is so good that it’s worth the sketchy setting to enjoy it. They are a classic 70’s bar that had it’s heyday then and hasn’t been upgraded since. Don’t go here if you are worried about cleanliness or culture. Their mixed drinks pack a punch as well!

The Regal Beagle: Trivia and amazing sausages…I’m in. Add onto that the Mustard Bar and I’m in hook, line, and sinker. The staff is nice, the food is good, the trivia freakin’ hard….a good way to spend a Wednesday night. I have never been disappointed with anything I’ve gotten, I like the kolbasz and the ragin’ cajun (hot hot hot). I can’t imagine that any are not worth the time and trouble parking though.

WOW: This is more about the experience then the food but the food is kicking. I don’t like fish but I like their fish n chips and the clam chowder here and it’s on the OB Pier so you are eating over the water. Great for when people are visiting from out of town and some kick-ass people watching. Do yourself a favor and only order one fish and chips because it’s way too much food for one person.


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