National Mini-Golf Month!

May 11, 2013

Happy National Mini-Golf Month!

Jason and I went to play mini-golf in celebration of this fabulous day. I rarely beat Jason at anything but I did very well today. It really is only because one 16 stroke hole of his….I didn’t win by 16 strokes but winning is winning I guess. If you get a chance you should play at the Family Fun Mini-Golf course by the 5…it’s so old and so janky. I think my favorite this is that it was built in the 50’s and every few decades they re-do the decorations but don’t take the old ones out. There is a mish-mosh of metal dinosaur sculptures, cement marine life, fiber-glass seagulls, and the sweet smell of interstate exhaust and rotting seaweed from just a little west of the course (being the 5 and the bay). The holes are really tricky because the astroturf is really worn and uneven. The holes are pretty shallow so the balls occasionally pop out even though they should have fallen in. Super tricky. With all of those endorsements you still should go…it’s fun!


Jason hitting it out of the weeds!


Please note that the ball is so freakin’ close to the hole.


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