Mother Whistler Day!

May 18, 2013

Merry Mother Whistler Day!

Whistler’s Mother is a painting done by James McNeill Whistler. IT’s actually called Arrangement in Gray and Black No. 1. It was done by an American artist but resides in France. It’s kind of a somber painting with a overwhelming sense of the proper and staid. Not a whole lot of nurturing motherhood emanating from the painting but something intriguing nonetheless. I particularly like the curtains as they have so much detail and life. The severe protestant look of the woman is contrasted by the beauty and textures around her.

Whistler's Mother or should I say An Arrangement in Black and Gray No. 1

Whistler’s Mother or should I say An Arrangement in Black and Gray No. 1

If you are looking for something on the lighter side you should watch this Mr. Bean vs. Whistler’s Mother youtube video. Hilarious (if you like Mr. Bean).

According to Yahoo News, today isn’t a day celebrating Whistler’s Mother at all, but rather Mother’s Whistlers is a day to celebrate anyone who can whistle. I can whistle by blowing out through pursed lips but am amazed by people who can whistle either by sucking in or with their fingers at the corners of her mouth.

No Dirty Dishes Day!

Since I had got the first one wrong today, I decided to celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day however I wanted. I decided that I was going to celebrate by not doing dishes. I think this day probably means that you could eat on paper plates or don’t have any dishes left to do in the sink…however, I am choosing not to do any dishes at all today. Of course, one might ask how this is different from other days in my life, it’s not really 🙂


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