Mike the Headless Chicken Day!

May 19, 2013

Merry Mike the Headless Chicken Day!

What?!?! A Headless Chicken existed and it has it’s own day!?!? Yes, Yes, and Yes. I’m gonna be honest with you this is kind of a WTF holiday for me. I don’t think I can tell this story better than the website called MiketheHeadlessChicken so I will paraphrase what happened. If you want to see more pictures then you should definitely go to this website. I guarantee you will be saying, WTF as well. Here goes the paraphrasing.

In September of 1945 a farmer tries to kill a rooster. He tried to cut the neck really close to the head…apparently he cut too close to the head to kill it. The chicken jumped up and returned to life as normal…as normal as life can be if you don’t have a head that is.

Chicken and head. Horrifying and fascinating.

Chicken and head. Horrifying and fascinating.

So the next day, when the chicken was still alive the farmer, Lloyd Olsen, decided that he would keep him alive as best he could. He fed and watered him with an eyedropper. Mike, the now headless chicken, still had his brain stem which is the part that is necessary to control the nervous system in chickens.

The craziest thing is that Mike lived for 18 more months! He finally died because of a blocked esophagus. Today they have a festival in his honor in Fruita, Colorado. I am going to try to go to this festival some day because it seems like a wonderful time for tomfoolery.

Headless but not heartless.

Headless but not heartless.



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