End Mountaintop Removal Week

June 3, 2013

Happy End Mountaintop Removal Week!


When I saw this holiday I didn’t know what it was….turns out there’s not a lot happy about it. For those of you who know as much as I did about mountaintop removal…which was nothing… here is a brief summary. In Appalachia, coal mines literally take the tops of mountains off to get to coal and in the process lay waste to everything in (or under) it’s path. According to the Alliance for Appalachia website some of the main problems associated with MTR include soil depletion, sedimentation, low success rate of tree regrowth, lack of successful revegetation, displacement of native wildlife, and burial of streams.

Last summer, I went to a gold mine and they were discussing how dangerous and harmful the run off from gold mining was. So much that even though you can see veins of gold running through all of the mountains in Colorado there is no way to get it out because the ecological damage that it would cause. So, I guess I am wondering why such precautions are being taken for some mining practices but not for this one. It seems absurd that so much damage can be done for something that can be replaced with sun and wind. I know that’s probably grossly understating the problems and solutions to this but really!?! We can clone humans, put a man on the moon, purify our urine to drink but we can’t seem to find clean energy when it’s slapping us in the face! I mean the Germans have found it for heaven’s sake!

Here’s a short video if you want to watch it . I guess the most disheartening thing that I found out is that these companies that are supposed to “regenerate” the land get out of it over and over again because they lobby to politicians and get special waivers. It’s embarrassing that money can rule in a country that is suppose to value to free. Well enough morose ramblings…I think these pictures say enough. If you want to take action about this the Alliance for Appalachia is a good place to start!




2 thoughts on “End Mountaintop Removal Week

  1. I’ve lived in the heart of this type of mining my whole life. It truly is a tragedy. As you drive through one of the main arteries of WV, just over every visible mountain, the land is basically “moonscape.” It’s difficult to explain to people who’s only income and way of life that it is wrong. I’m glad to see that there are people with genuine concern.

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