Corn on the Cob Day!

June 11, 2013

Happy Corn on the Cob Day!

While camping, we cooked some corn on the cob in the fire. I like cooking it this way. Usually at home, I soak the corn in salt water and then throw it husk and all into the oven. I cook it just like that until it’s soft. If I’m grilling then I can just throw them on the grill. While campfire cooking, it’s super easy to do as well. Just wrap it in aluminum foil and throw it in the coals. It turns out very well, just cook it for a while and turn if you need to. This does occasionally cause a few hot spots to pop but all in all a delicious treat. Thanks to Ada for the pictures and her corn cooking skills!

Cooking corn in a campfire!

Cooking corn in a campfire!


Not sure what Jason is thinking. If I had to caption it I would say that he is thinking, “Wow, that corn is going to be scrum-did-ily-ump-tious!”


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