Duct Tape Day

June 14, 2013

Happy Duct Tape Day

What a happy day indeed! Duct tape is a magical thing! I really enjoy it because of it’s versatility and strength. The one thing that I do not love is that it leaves residue over everything once it has baked in the sun. You know that weird stringy, criss-cross pattern of sticky goo that never comes off.

One of the things that I have made and I’m proud of is a gigantic water bag. Last summer at camp, the Unit Staff and I duct taped together sheets of plastic together and filled it with water. It was the perfect way to spend a hot afternoon. I would recommend doing it this summer! Here are the DIY directions I followed from GoPlayYourself.com

The UL's working hard.

The UL’s working hard.


Pancake taking a snooze on the water bag!


Slide filling it up and enjoying the cool! Work and Play!

The other thing that I’ve love about duct tape is how it is getting so crafty chic. Now they sell it in sheets and in a variety of colors. I am partial to the silver grey classic but recently I found this gem in a clearance box at Michael’s.

I Heart Bacon Duct Tape! So cute! So functional!

I Heart Bacon Duct Tape! So cute! So functional!


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