World Sauntering Day!

June 19, 2013

Happy World Sauntering Day!

Well here’s to another holiday that is my cup of tea. I am actually more of a moseier. I think sauntering’s shade of meaning is more of a jaunty mosey whereas I generally mosey with out any jaunt. It’s kind of a joke with my friends that I am the only person to mosey a half-marathon. It’s true, I absolutely did. All of that to say that I tried to saunter instead today by infusing my mosey with a little more jaunt. I sauntered to do laundry, I sauntered to wash the dishes, I sauntered to put away stuff from camping, I sauntered to the store to buy stuff for tomorrow’s ice cream soda day, I sauntered to visit a friend, I sauntered to Cotija’s on Market late at night for the best cheese enchilades- all beans, no rice- that you can imagine.




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