Flip-Flop Day!


June 21, 2013

Happy Flip-Flop Day!

The young person in me loves flip-flops. The old person in me prefers more supportive and functional shoes, ones that don’t make the old break in my foot sore and make my cankles swell. I do wear flip-flops but can’t imagine wearing them everyday all day long like I used to. Ahh the joys of old age. I think that flip-flops are the footwear of summer and the unofficial footwear of San Diego, both of those things I love! So here’s to summer! It is the first day of summer after all! Hurray!

Happy Summer! The Summer of Adrielle!

Happy Summer! The Summer of Adrielle!


Merry Ugly Dog Day!

In my opinion, pugs are the ugliest dog in the world but here are a few pictures of uglier dogs. I think the most disgusting thing about pugs is how they breathe…to catch a predator style. Eww.





9And one pug just for good measure! It’s not wonder why the last part of pug is “ug”!


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