Slurpee Day

July 11, 2013

That’s right…7/11

Happy Slurpee Day!

If you didn’t know that 7/11 gives away free Slurpee’s on Slurpee Day then mark your calendars for next year. You have to go to ones that are not very popular or apparently you just get sugar water since the machines can’t keep up with the demand. The kid in front of me got the grossest combination of orange Fanta, coke, grape, and cherry. I was disgusted. I am sure I would have done this as a kid (ie. all of the “zombies” and “suicides” I drank as a small child). I had cherry and coke mixed to make a Cherry Coke. It was pretty delicious and sugary….I think it will be about a year until I want one again.

Cherry Cokey- Delicious!

Cherry Cokey- Delicious!



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