Sister’s Day

August 4, 2013

Happy Sister’s Day

This year I spent Sister’s Day starting a family road trip across the country. I got a lot of sister and me time….especially when we were stranded in Rawlins Armpit, Wyboring for several hours because of a flat tire. Luckily I like my family so it wasn’t too bad. Plenty of sister time. We drove most of the day, only stopping to stretch our legs, go peepee 5 (a weird system of rating how badly the 2 year old has to go) and eating. All of these things take a million hours longer with kids so it was a slow journey.

Quality family time!

Quality family time!

Here are some sister pictures from along the road of life.

sc0000153601 sc00018f20sc0001003601 sc0002322301 sc0003f85aKathy Schwab0005IMG_6167


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