Orange and Papaya Month

August 21, 2013


Happy Orange and Papaya Month!

Today was a great day to celebrate Orange Month! Today was not a great day to celebrate Papaya Month for two reasons… I didn’t have papaya and I hate papaya! It tastes like dirty socks that have been soaking in gym bathroom for like 2 months. I do like oranges though! I don’t like peeling them when all the rind-y stuff gets under your nails or you try to bite into it a little bit to get it started and you get a mouthful of orange peel oil. So I generally slice mine like a soccer mom and eat them that way…clementines excluded (those I just peel regularly…generally trying to peel them in one piece of peel). 

Orange-y smiles!

Orange-y smiles!

I also drove to San Francisco with my friend, Jason. We stopped along the way in Santa Barbara to eat a nice dinner with Heather. We also got a little misguided because there was some confusion about who was navigating….turns out neither of us were. A long day but the start of a great mini-vacay before school starts.


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