Pluto Demoted Day!

August 24, 2013

Happy Pluto Demoted Day!


I guess this day is only happy if you’re not Pluto. I don’t think that planets follow any blogs, so I don’t think it will hurt it’s feelings.

It’s been 7 years since Pluto was demoted. Seven long years of hotly contested and people taking sides on this controversial issue. I landed on the Pluto is a planet side of the fence but I recognize that it is important to allow science to change it’s mind with enough evidence. I mean if science couldn’t change it’s mind about things then the world would still be flat and we wouldn’t have a little thing called plate tectonics. Also there was a time that science thought that each sperm was actually teeny-tiny little, miniature person. What a frightening thought for prophylactic manufacturers.

If you want to read a hilarious new release from the day in 2007 then you should read this one from A great read!

So if you are on the 8 planet side or 9 planet side, the planet classification or dwarf planet classification, then at least you can celebrate this odd day in science.


And at the end of the day it’s important to remember…


If you’re keeping up with the San Francisco adventure then here is a little update:

Today we started off a little slow with a visit to Haight street. Lito and Jason wanted to go to Amoeba Records.  It’s kind of the Holy Grail of record and cd collections. It didn’t open until 11 though, so we walked around Haight and Ashbury for a while looking at the sights and the points of interest. We saw quite a few interesting things. We found a recycled records store, a sewing notions store, and a Whole Foods. We also found Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery. I had some pomegranate cider and a burger.

Records, records, and more records.

Records, records, and more records.

The World's Largest Tie-Dye T-shirt!

The World’s Largest Tie-Dye T-shirt!

We ended up at Golden Gate Park. Well we drove through it several times at least before we were oriented somewhere between Pelosi, King Jr., and Kennedy drives. Dahlia went on her first carousal ride and we found an amazing slide made out of stone. It was quite fast and people were using boxes to slide down on…it was quite good people watching.

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park

Then we packed into the Soul, Chris included, and went to The Mission where we met Jeff, Michelle, and Marie. We walked around The Mission until hangry started to set in and then we ate at Picaro’s Tapas. I had some garlic chicken, spinach béchamel, and rice. There was a lot of oysters, fishy paella, and delicious flan.


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