Kiss and Make Up Day

August 25, 2013

Happy Kiss and Make Up Day!

Well I didn’t get into a fight today so there wasn’t a lot of kissing and making up but when I got home from our trip I did apologize to the fish, frogs, and turtle about being away from home. I also watered the house plants that looked a little forlorn. The other day today was Go Topless Day! Since I was traveling with Jason, I didn’t celebrate that one.

Kissing but not needed to make up.

Kissing but not needing to make up.

This morning the weary travelers slept in and then went to Dim Sun at the Koi Palace with Chris. We enjoyed our fill of shrimp, beef, and pork stuffed noodles and breads. There was a lot of good things mostly gooey and/or sticky (not my favorite textures but good for what it is). We waited for a long time for all of our items that we ordered to come but some of them had almost been delivered when we waved them away without realizing that they were indeed ours. We dropped off Lito, Espie, and Dahlia and then Jason and I made our uneventful journey southward. There was very little to remark upon on the way down. It’s nice to be home.


More kissing!

Noodle coma at dim sun.

Noodle coma at dim sun.


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