National Goat Cheese Month

August 26, 2013

Happy National Goat Cheese Month!


I had no idea that goat cheese had a month but no matter! Apparently goat cheese is called chèvre in some circles. I am not a huge fan of soft cheeses, but I do love stinky cheese! I like goat cheese in the form of feta, apparently feta can be up to 30 percent goat milk but is usually 70-100 percent sheep milk. I particularly like when feta is cooked with spinach and then wrapped in chicken and baked. I also like it when feta is cooked in a pan and makes a crispy cheese disks.

I read the article about feta on wikipedia and learned quite a lot actually. Here are a few things:

-It’s maximum moisture content is 56%.

-When feta is cut there is “crumble” that is called trimma.

-The salinity content is about 3%.

-If kept longer than a week it should be kept in brine or in slightly salted milk.

-It is first described during the Byzantine empire.






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