National Lace Day

This is beautiful it's Anne Wilson's  "Topologies"

This is beautiful it’s Anne Wilson’s “Topologies”

October 1, 2013

Happy National Lace Day!

I didn’t really want to celebrate this holiday. I had this idea that lace was ugly and old and smelled like old people. I don’t necessarily thing that’s it’s true but all the lace I can think of is scratchy and uncomfortable and starchy. I don’t know if these things are true about lace. I guess the opposite side of the grandma lace is the smutty underwear lace which also seems scratchy and uncomfortable and starchy all up in your nether regions. Surely so many people wouldn’t put lace on if it was all of those things…right?

Lace mostly makes me thinking of my Grandma Kaye and the weird doilies she would put under her precious green bubble glass jars and cigarette trays. That smell of stale smoke and old lady perfume just came back like I was sitting on the couch with the wood mills on it and staring at this giant horse hair wall hanging. That old lady loved her fur. That’s for sure. Maybe lace doesn’t have to be blue hair and ugly Christmas sweaters that jingled.

Aemilia Ars Society, 1909. This ain't my grandma's doily that's for sure.

Aemilia Ars Society, 1909. This ain’t my grandma’s doily that’s for sure.

My favorite type of lace...Queen Anne's Lace.

My favorite type of lace…Queen Anne’s Lace.

Looking forward to Vodka Day!


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