Pumpkin Chunkin Day & Sherlock Holmes Weekend

Happy Pumpkin Chunkin’ Day

So Pumpkin Chunkin’ is a special sort of holiday that could only be conceived of and enjoyed by the masses in a place like America. Why? you ask. Well, because we are one of the few countries that enjoy the luxury of wasting a food source for pure entertainment, we have a can-do attitude that lends itself to invention, we are stubborn and prideful which is necessary for any good competition, and we simply love trebuchets…the last one might not be universal to all Americans, but I certainly love trebuchets. Well, maybe I love them because I was not around when they were used to launch rotting corpses and feces over walls of a castle to spread infection and fear. I digress. Anyway, I guess my question is who doesn’t love a gourd being launched several thousand feet for entertainment.

A few of the Pumpkin Chunkin' contraptions.

A few of the Pumpkin Chunkin’ contraptions.

& Merry Sherlock Holmes Weekend

Some die-hard Sherlock Holmes fans might be mad at me for this celebration but I honestly don’t know any die-hard Holmes fans so I think I will still be able to sleep soundly tonight. I haven’t ever read a Sherlock Holmes book but I did read a book about a mouse who played a detective called Basil of Baker Street, I was like 7 so I don’t know if it counts…oh wait…I make the rules on this blog…IT COUNTS! I listened to a podcast from the Stuff You Missed in History Class family at Discovery and learned a few things about who the character was loosely based on. I also started watching Sherlock the BBC drama about a young and feisty Sherlock. It’s quite good if you’re looking for a  way to kill about 12 hours….you don’t have to do it all in one shot like me though. All I’m saying is a lot of knitting got done 🙂 So my hat’s off to all the Sherlock characters who have made being observant sexy again. (Was it ever sexy….maybe just made being observant sexy).

images imagesCAYYM8XT


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